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I am Luke Sanders, the founder of Aligned Performance, a well respected and highly qualified fitness professional specialising in high end personal training and strength and conditioning for fat loss and muscle gain.  In a former life I was a Royal Marines Commando before moving to London to work as a Personal Trainer to help people reach their health and fitness goals.

I believe in constantly learning new skills in order to stay ahead in what is a competitive and dynamic industry. As well as being a top level body composition personal trainer, I am qualified musculoskeletal osteopath,  this means that training with me, you are in the safest hands possible to meet your health and fitness goals.

I have built clinical assessments into my personal training business as a preventative measure against injury and to avoid building fitness onto dysfunction. 


My mission is to get you in the best shape of your life and keep you injury free by combining expertise in personal training, nutrition, musculoskeletal osteopathy and biomechanics.

 I want to enable clients to train smarter and achieve much more, whilst also feeling and moving better. By training with me you’re going to have the best chance of meeting your own personal health and fitness goals. 


My mission in short is to get you the results YOU want!


30 Day Fat Blast

Make a marked improvement to your body in a small amount of time learning valuable training and nutritional techniques. I also offer a money back guarantee on the first 30 days of this programme and every other programme I offer.

6, 12 or 20 Week fat fighter programme

Your bespoke programme will be appropriate for your physical abilities and body type, as you’d expect, we then get into the nuts and bolts of your lifestyle and nutrition to permanently change bad habits leaving you with a leaner physique. Biosignature is used to track your progress.

6, 12 or 20 Week Muscle up programme

Muscle Gain is a favourite of many seeking the aesthetic athletic and sculpted look. This programme can get you there. Biosignature is used to optimise and track your muscle up programme.




For so long in my view there has been a missing link in the personal training world. 


Assessment of the body and execution of exercises have been overlooked by progression. The reason why most people cannot execute or carry out certain movements or exercises let alone progress them ultimately boils down to restrictions, strength deficits and poor motor patterns in the musculoskeletal system. 


I was seeing sub-standard testing protocols prior to clients starting their fitness journeys leading to poor exercise prescription by most trainers and often resulting in injuries. One of the reasons I created Aligned Performance was to address this in the Personal Training sphere. 


The difference that I offer is that I start your fitness journey with a full structural joint by joint assessment of how your body works from the start in the clinic. This avoids any potential injuries and highlights any restrictions or issues that need to be addressed, I use three phases to accomplish this........ 


Screen Shot 2018-11-06 at 15.38.19.png


If you’re not assessing you’re guessing. This part of the process is all about getting to know you and how your body moves.


I start every client with a full biomechanical assessment in my clinic using the latest technology along with my own structural assessment skills taking a joint by joint approach. This enables me to identify misalignments, joint restrictions, muscle imbalances through underactive or overactive muscles. This will provide me with the information I need to know to progress in the safest way.


I will then assess various aspects regarding your health including bodyfat and lean muscle mass measurements through the use of biosignature and an additional service I can provide on request through my links with a local university sports science department, using bodpod; other services included are BMR and V02 Max testing.

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This phase ultimately gets you the results you want! This is where all of the ground work that we lay down is actioned to align you with your goals. It’s in the name, it’s what I do!


The assess and address phases are worth nothing unless they are aligned with action! Laying down the foundations and education required initially will keep you injury free as well as laying out a plan to be able to execute on your goals. 


During this phase is where we work on your goals to improve on your health and fitness for long lasting life changing results.

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This phase knits together other parts of your lifestyle to give me all of the information I need to be able align your individual goals to your lifestyle. Together with you, I’ll build you a perfect, tailored training programme that is really going to work. This phase is really about education.


I’ll take time to understand your goals, your health and fitness history, how you eat and the constraints from other parts of your life that we’ll need to work with through a comprehensive questionnaire. If there are any issues that have I feel requires the need for further investigation I will refer you to get some blood work to better understand your own individual hormonal or nutritional status. This will give me a 360 degree view of your health and fitness for me to take onto the next phase.



Luke Sanders came highly recommended to me as a rising star in the Personal Training industry. They weren’t wrong! This ex-marine certainly pushes me to my limits mentally and physically. As someone who is a bikini competitor, Gaspari sponsored athlete, and a published fitness model I need to be ‘on point’ pretty much all the time. Luke simply gets this. He takes the hassle away from me by ensuring we have a bulletproof plan. All I have to do is turn up, deliver the goods and do what I am told. Luke helped me achieve two major goals: to add 5kgs of solid muscle and to gain my first ever pro card. He’s my secret to staying ahead of the competition.

Alexandra Wilson

Fitness Model and Bikini Competitor

I’ve been extemely impressed with the results from training with Luke. I love training with him, the programmes are great and he manages to keep them fresh and targeted towards achieving my goals. My starting body fat was 19% and over the period of just 12 weeks I’ve dropped down to 9% and in the process adding 5kg of lean mass through applying Luke's principles. It has truely changed my life and I look forward to taking training on to the next level and achieving even more working with Luke. I believe he is a fanatastic trainer and have recommended him to a number of my friends and family.  

What a fantastic change!! I have been bodybuilding and going to gym for the last 15 years in both the US and the UK and I honestly have not seen such a transformation as I have seen in last 12 weeks while training with Luke in my entire life. I have gone from 16% body fat to 8.5% without losing any weight.

Luke is amazing guy as he doesn't only train you but also mentors you with the right food balance, specific diet programs and most importantly he pushes you beyond your limits. I am now incredibly  happy and still continue to train with him as I have seen further potential and challenges in the next phase of my training". Big thanks to Luke !

Murat, London

A year ago I was unmotivated, unfit and extremely unhappy with myself and with my weight. After years of starting and stopping diets and sporadically exercising, I finally decided enough was enough and enlisted the help of Luke. I will never forget my first session: it was one of the hardest hours of my life but afterwards I felt such a sense of accomplishment that a year on I am still training and looking after myself. Luke is not just a great motivator; he is obviously very knowledgeable and passionate about training and nutrition to such a level that I lost 3 stone in weight and became a yoga teacher!! His sessions are hard work, but with the banter needed to keep you smiling through out. I owe so much of my new self to Luke and his unending belief in my abilities. He has pushed me to be the person I always longed to be in my head, and for that I am eternally thankful. It just shows how much you can achieve for yourself when you have someone believing in you.  

Sacha, London

Gurhan, London



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